Our products

Austbrokers Hiller Marine offers a wide variety of insurance and risk products.

Austbrokers Hiller Marine Supply Chain Risk Cover

Austbrokers Hiller Marine in conjunction with Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company (Incorporated in Nebraska, USA) ABN 84 600 643 034 introduces a completely new integrated risk management & insurance solution for Australian importers & exporters.

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Risk management advice

Austbrokers Hiller Marine provides advice for all types of marine risks including supply chain, cargo, international trade, marine industry, commercial hull, protection & indemnity, logistics & transport industry and recreational marine Activity risks.


RiskEtrade is a simple to use on-line risk application that highlights some of the key risk exposures that those who are involved in international trade are most vulnerable to. RiskEtrade, only available to SCRC policyholders, gives users access to a panel of experts who are able to provide guidance on risk expsoures, loss management & insurance solutions.

AIMS broker services

Austbrokers Hiller Marine looks to help brokers by eliminating hidden gaps in their clients' marine cover, and substantially reduce brokers' E&O exposures. Only available to Austbrokers & IBNA brokers.

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New Wave Marine Boat Insurance

Instant quotes, instant cover, simple to use, wide cover & top Lloyds security. Competitive prices & cover options for all types of craft, added benefits, claims assistance, managed by marine insurance specialists.